Hello there!

My name is Emma Peters. I am a textile person. You know... fabrics, colour, pattern, texture.

I've worked in the textile industry for seven years since leaving University. I have a dog named Wilton and a husband named NP. We live in Sydney, Australia.

Feeling Fuzzy? is the name given to all my creative thoughts, ideas and makings that form my textile practice. It's been all sorts of different things over the past seven years - felting classes, an Etsy shop, local market stalls and lots more.

More changes to the Feeling Fuzzy moniker are underfoot for 2013. I'm setting sail from my full time textile design job to embark on a journey of research, making and teaching. Splishing and splashing my way through the wonderful world of textiles. Joy!

I am starting my Masters at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW which I'm sure I will write quite a bit about on this blog. I'll also be teaching in the Design Department on a more regular basis, always an inspiring jaunt!

For a bit more of an insight into my textile work, see this interview by Pia Jane Bikerk.

I also would like to mention the calligraphy used in my logo and banner was gracefully created by Heather from Releaf Paper.

I always like to give lots of credit to any image or thought that goes into this blog. Please let me know straight away if you'd like anything removed.

Thanks for poppping by!

xxx Emma.

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