Tuesday 19 August 2008

Opening Night...

This should really come before the MHB post, but it's all a bit topsy-turvy around here!
A lovely friend gave me tickets to go to the opening of Workshopped at Chifley Plaza, Sydney... never one to say no to an opening, Yumi and I partook in Bombay Saphire Raspberry Cocktails and perused the work/outfits. We both chose our favourites: Mine was Adam Goodram's Revolution Vase (perhaps more because of the colour than anything else). Yumi... what was yours again?? I think it was Nick Randall's Slip Credenza. My favourite outfit belonged to a Mina Perhonen-esque girl, wearing a light blue woolen coat, dip-dyed woolen skirt and peach flats. 
Other honorable mentions go to Stephan Lie's Plie Shoe and Stuart Williams' Pods.
Hurrah for new design!

Images: All from the Workshopped website. I assume the artist's themselves took their own photos... but that could be completely wrong!

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