Sunday 5 April 2009


The idea of collaborating and creative sharing and inspiring has interested me lately.  The idea of a creative dialogue. I see the importance of this in strengthening the arts in our sport saturated society?...we need to work like a team!
 That's what I'm learning and observing and I think blogging has been a great tool in creating a community of collaborators.

*Glass: A portrait of Phillip in twelve parts* 
This beautiful documentary by Scott Hicks was on at the Cremorne orpheum last year. I went to see one of the screenings. There were 3 people in the cinema (including myself!). 
When I was leaving, an older lady sitting behind me thanked me for attending the film and went on to say '...this film has been on for only 2 weeks... and it's ending today with 3 people'

I experienced last night. An inspiring collaboration between Richard Tognetti, Bill Henson, Katie Noonan and Paul Healy. 
It was amazing to come out of the theatre feeling creatively free and a little lightheaded(in a nice way!) from a sense of limitlessness. 
Bill Henson explains the project here.(from the music show, radio national 28/3/2009)

Lastly... my inspiration of the day, *Yayoi Kusama: I adore myself*

what more can I say...positivity positivity positivity!



Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Beautiful inspiration Yumi! Can't wait to hear more about Luminous, it sounded tremendous!


Yumi said...

Thank you emsy...and I can't wait to hear about the wedding!!!

Hello Sandwich said...

Yumi-chan! That Yayoi video is so cool! isn't she so quirky! xxx

Yumi said...

I saw the film at dendy...I'm thinking of also buyiing a copy of it, I will lend it to you when I get my hands on one!

Hello Sandwich said...

Oh that would be great! i was meant to go to the Dendy to see it too - after all i did post it on hello sandwich too! - eek but in the end i couldn't make it :( so I would be delighted to watch your copy if you get it. arigatou!