Friday 11 December 2009

A trip down memory lane...

 This afternoon we went for a ride down to our local river for the inaugural bike ride... I turned 30 in September and my beloved NP gave me a bike that I got to pimp up with a Brooks leather saddle, matching grips and wicker basket taboot!

Coasting down a hill on a sunny day is wrapped up in my fondest childhood memories. My Pom-Pom (grandpa) taught me how to ride on the farm when I was a little one - the patient hours he spent on the dirt driveway keeping me upright!

We're very lucky to have Cooks River quite close to where we live in Sydney - today it was looking its best with the water lapping the river banks... apparently in the "old'n days" people came from far and wide to swim in Cooks River, but today it's quite a mess... I even spotted an old cash register once, stuck in the mud when it was low tide!


Yumi said...

what a lovely way to spend an afternoon...and carbon free also?! long does it take to ride your bike down to cooks river???

Pat said...

Can NP ride a bike now? Last time I saw him on one he ended up in a barbed wire fence... Get him to tell you about it, then I'll tell you the REAL version later!

Nice wheels too!