Friday 25 January 2013

Textiles Meet Up

Happy New Year Friends! I'm finding the days whizzing by already and it's only January.

My year spent in midst of my Masters of Design has resulted in lots of thoughts and ideas percolating, ready to be put into making action over the next couple of months. Another splendid outcome is a small arrangement of textile-inclined people that I've begun to spend time with. I've always wanted to be part of a textile collective - and this one is of the highest calibre.

Yesterday was the first catch up of the year, which was planned around a visit to the Dank St Gallery in Sydney, and supplemented by excellent coffee and cake. Our conversations floated around possible future collaborations, making-tips and other odds and ends, and left me feeling ready to tackle some creative problem-solving.

Alex lives here. Paula lives there. And I'll have to find out where the others reside and update this list.

Here are a few shots of Bridget Kennedy's work that we stumbled upon - a beautiful collection of beeswax rings available to peruse and take home for a small donation. Mine now reside on my glove-mould.


The Depot GalleryJust help yourself why don'tcha 23 January - 2nd February 2013An installation of 10,000 rings by Bridget Kennedy. 
Materials - zinc, silver, lead, coal, gold in beeswax


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