Saturday, 1 November 2008

Re New Lace

For the past two years I lectured and taught Second Year design students at the College of Fine Arts. It was a great time - I love seeing the freshness and un-commericialised minds come up with such diverse solutions to design projects. And researching for the lectures each week kept my own learning about the design world rolling along.

One of my favourite projects of the year was Re-new Lace, where students were inspired by traditional pieces and then applied recycled materials to create contemporary lace. Part of the project was to visit the Lace Study Centre at the Power House Museum. There are some lovely ladies who volunteer their time with a wealth of experience, passing down their skills to the next generation. It's almost like adopting a grandma and learning from her.

I'm not teaching this year, but I received an invitation to the Re-New Lace exhibition from my friend Sylvia, happening on the 4th November. Let me know if you're interested and we can go together!

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