Saturday 15 November 2008

Souzou Day

Yumi and I met for a Souzou meeting last Sunday - less a meeting and more just hanging out and thinking of all the lovely things Souzou will bring to our lives really.

This is how the day unfolded...

+ A swim at Balmoral Beach to get our bodies relaxed and ready for forthcoming meeting.
+ The purchase of strawberries and peonies from the local fruit market
+ The meeting begins with "show & tell". Highlights included Yumi's library books (Lanvin), Frida Kahlo colouring in book, an Australian Vogue photo shoot with vintage hats and Japanese setting, Milk Magazine (French mag for kids) and a Charlie and Lola Activity book.
+ Ideas... once a month having a cultural festival eg. Tanabata Festival
+ Inspiration: Sparrow Kids, Lola et Moi
+ Public Liability - which to go with?
+ Planning our first Souzou Children's Birthday Party!
+ Selecting Sugar Plum circles for our Birthday Party headpieces.

1 comment:

Chay-Ya said...

wow what an amazing sounding meeting! i love that it started with a swim and then collecting berries and flowers to take home with you. very important! sounds like youve got it going on and will have a lively happy and successful business. best of luck to you! xx