Saturday 8 August 2009

Why hello there...

I've been away a little while with the busy-ness of off-line life... this little blog gets particularly neglected from time to time and I hope you are not offended.

One of the more exciting things that has been happening is my return to University. Not as a student this time (though I still get mistaken for one - though I'm not complaining!), but as a teacher. I have a lovely class of design students completing their graduating project, with me as one of their tutors. I finished the same degree 6 years ago and it is fascinating to see how much more advanced my students are than I was at this stage of their burgeoning careers (just had to sneak that word in!). Their technical skill, knowledge, social and environmental awareness and passion have me wrapped in their chosen projects. There's nothing like a room full of people excited about what they're working on. Of course there are moments of self-doubt, creative blocks and exhaustion but all their hard work will be worth it...

Next week they will be presenting their "pin-ups" - visual mood boards that communicate all their ideas, concepts and reserach. I quite enjoy a mood board so decided to put one together for my upcoming Birthday Picnic...

Images from:
Nectar and Light
The Sartorialist
Elsea Chelsea
Elsea Chelsea
Roland Bello