Tuesday 29 December 2009

Two in One

Another great thing about these little pyjama bags is they are not only a nice gift, they need no wrapping - a very good thing when you're up sewing at 2am Christmas Eve and need to get to bed!

Tutorial will be coming your way shortly...




Music: Jonathan Boulet

The past couple of months has been a musical drought... usually I can trust our friend Patrick to send me some tunes my way - he's generally very up-to-date with these kinds of things but it seems old age is slowing him down. Sad really.

However, I came across this Sydney artist last week while being featured on Triple J.

I quite enjoy his track 321 which you can listen to here. Enjoy!

Monday 28 December 2009

Pyjama Bag

This Christmas I made my family pyjama bags... this one was my prototype and I ended up simplifying the pattern so I could make them in the Christmas rush! I filled them with little goodies (primarily lovely Aesop balms).

I might pop up a tutorial in the coming week month (!) so you can make your own!

PS. The lovely yellow fabric is from Denyse Schmidt's Country Fair range... mustard was a big colour for me this year! I bought my fabric at My Place in Bowral when visiting my mum. You can order fabrics from their site too...

Pyjama Bag

Pyjama Bag

Pyjama Bag

Wednesday 23 December 2009

Happy Holidays!

I had a spare few seconds at work this morning so I made a Peggy Doll Christmas Tree for NPs mum. I designed Peggy earlier this year for Sheridan's Junior range... I have to say it's one of my favourites... I've tucked a sample of it away in the garage along with all my other archived designs mush to NPs dismay... I come from a long line of hoarders!

Friday 11 December 2009

A trip down memory lane...

 This afternoon we went for a ride down to our local river for the inaugural bike ride... I turned 30 in September and my beloved NP gave me a bike that I got to pimp up with a Brooks leather saddle, matching grips and wicker basket taboot!

Coasting down a hill on a sunny day is wrapped up in my fondest childhood memories. My Pom-Pom (grandpa) taught me how to ride on the farm when I was a little one - the patient hours he spent on the dirt driveway keeping me upright!

We're very lucky to have Cooks River quite close to where we live in Sydney - today it was looking its best with the water lapping the river banks... apparently in the "old'n days" people came from far and wide to swim in Cooks River, but today it's quite a mess... I even spotted an old cash register once, stuck in the mud when it was low tide!

Monday 7 December 2009


Simple Song wrote about Moomah recently and reminded me that I'd love to share this beautiful idea with all of you!

This would be a project I'd love to be involved in one day... my mum spent a huge amount of time with me creatively playing and making - I had the advantage of having my mum all to myself until I was 3 and my first sister came along. I think that special time was one of the most formative experiences in my life. I can't imagine not having craft, art and imagination in my world every single day.

Sunday 6 December 2009

Flower Garland...

Yumi and I visited the Sydney Flower Markets on Saturday morning - we were there with the early birds and picked up amazing flowers for our friend Kirsten's birthday party... the theme being Spiegeltent... Kirsten was a perfect pixie in the flower garland I crafted... Happy birthday Kirst!

Friday 4 December 2009


Yosigo shot the front cover of Spoonful and I think you should take a look at these...

Thursday 3 December 2009

Hello Spoonful!

My dear friend Jerome has just told me about a new publication that sounds particularly exciting.... it's name is Spoonful and I might share with you some pictures and text...

"The first ever issue of Spoonful is finally out!! Packed with an overwhelming selection of ways to inspire, feel contentment and recover from failures, Spoonful 01 is guaranteed to make a highly satisfying & soulful little stocking stuffer, perfect for Christmas, Birthdays, Chanukah (you can spin a dradle on it!) & that general everyday business of just being alive.

Importantly - Spoonful is just that, a taste, short and sweet, so that it can be read on a train ride - and not create any more pressure or require large chunks of time to consume it. We're all so busy nowadays with life, the universe and everything that perhaps what we need is a bite-sized piece of inspiration, easily consumed and yet still satisfying :)

Spoonful is a tiny bit smaller than A5 (so that you can carry it around with you), printed on 100% recycled & unbleached stock, (so it's totally friendly :) and well, it will come out every so often, so hopefully it will always be there, just in time to remind us that everything will be okay."
It is currently available for purchase online here and here! And you can find out a little more about the makers of Spoonful here!

I'm looking forward to recieving my copy in the mail!