Monday 15 July 2013

These First Months...

Pressing the pause button during moments like these.

Grabbing small opportunities alone to recharge, read, write and make. (Thank you sleepy baby)

Seeing family and friends love our little bundle as much as we do.

The camaraderie of motherhood. This occasionally feels like we're all stuck in a baby-trench sharing cigarettes, sleep-deprevation and getting through it while grenades are being thrown at us fairly constantly (cigarettes are of course metaphorical... But the odd glass of wine and coffee are pretty good replacements)

Wondering if our baby thinks his mother is an iPhone camera... Just can't get enough of his little face!

Being inspired by poet and advocate Hollie McNish for public breast-feeding in the UK. Thank goodness Australia doesn't mind a bit of skin! It'll be interesting to see what it's like on our overseas trip.

Being amazed at the fact I'm still me, after all this new stuff and momentous change and motherhood.