Saturday 22 January 2011

Work In Progress: Tram Timetable Quilt

Stitching the letters on...
During the Christmas holidays I began a quilting project that has been in my head since last October. It's been partly inspired by the popular tram rolls that you can find here and at various other places.
Old Tram Timetable
For NP's birthday last year I found an old Tramway Time Table that we would have caught if we had lived in our area 50-ish years ago. My grandma tells me that it was the very same tram that she caught when she lived in Sydney as a young woman.

Happily the trams are being restored to the area over the next couple of years, so I thought this project would be a nice connection to our family's past and present.

Ironing down letters...

Letters in the hoop...

First piece complete, twelve to go!
I finished my first piece last week, and hope to make a piece each week.
It's a nice feeling to be making something like this...

Thursday 20 January 2011

Introducing Mr Wilton!

We've adopted a lovely doggie from a shelter... he is a sweetie!