Wednesday 22 December 2010

Bondi Dragon Cloud

Bondi Dragon Cloud, originally uploaded by Feeling Fuzzy?.
This morning a great big long cloud moved over Bondi Beach... hipstamatic helped quite a lot with the photo I took...

Flower Bombs by Yumi & Taka!

It's been a little while since I last visited the Feeling Fuzzy? blog, but this new video by the Dear Plastic team made me feel I just had to share this with anyone who might still pop by occasionally!

Dear Plastic is Yumi & Taka, two of my very creative friends who run workshops and encourage people to think about how making can be done in a sustainably friendly way!

Yesterday they put up a new video about their recent Flower Bombs which you may have seen if you'd gone along to the recent Sydney Finders Keepers Markets or the Kaleidoscope Art Markets that are on right now...

All images from the lovely Dear Plastic Blog!

Sunday 26 September 2010


I've been particularly busy with birthday celebrations over the last couple of weeks! I had some lovely times with friends and family. One of the highlights being my grandfather (better known as Pom-Pom) singing me happy birthday on the phone as he has done for 31 years.

A few highlights have been:

Magic Key

A mysterious key from NP leading me to my 
surprise birthday dinner at Quay.


A night at the football with my family.


Gifts from my dear friends Yumi and Kirst.


Luncheon 2

Luncheon at Chowder Bay with the girls.

IMG_0999.JPGEating birthday pavlova

Eating my Dad's famous Pavlova 
(featuring my sisters Hannah and Amy).

Wow! That was a whole lot of good eating and fun times!
How lucky am I??!
Thank you everyone for making my birthday so very excellent!

Great news!

Thank you everyone who helped out our family-friend Danielle by voting for her video. We were so excited to hear that she came 2nd place and has been awarded $1500! I can't wait to see where her amazing equestrian abilties will take her next...

Friday 10 September 2010

Newspaper Poetry

I sent this to NP this week - it fell perfectly into my lap after a morning doing the bathroom dance together! Just replace "relationship" for "marriage" and I think he's on to something!
Go see more over at Austin Kleon's blog...

St Johns Rd, Glebe. Thursday evening.

St Johns Rd, Glebe. Thursday Night.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Love at First Sight

If I lived in New York Purl Soho would be my official second home. Perhaps my first home? With all mail redirected to the Purl Soho shop. I think what really needs to happen is open my own shop with all sorts of nice crafty things in Sydney. I wonder if anyone would be as interested in this as me?

Fortunately for the time being they have an excellent website and blog that has lovely projects like this little-person's play-mat. My thoughts are that this should not be restricted to children alone - A tad unfair... 

The project can be found here and the fabric (which I'm considering whether to put into my shopping trolley) can be found here (the dot fabric I can't seem to locate on their site... anyone found it?). Enjoy!

Monday 23 August 2010

Come back weekend, I miss you.

We had our first weekend free of house inspections and auctions and the sun came out to celebrate with us! These are a few things we did that I enjoyed:

  • Going to the local school to vote and frequenting the sausage sizzle.
  • Collecting the artwork we had bought last month from Yumi Takahashi's and Cecilia Heffer's exhibition and bringing them home to live.
  • Perusing our new Gleebooks bookshop up the road
  • A day at Black Wattle Bay playing frisbee and eating good stuff from Sonoma.
  • Riding bikes in the sun through the back streets of the inner west (right up until said bike keeled over and died very dramatically)
  • Sharing a Fiesta plate of Churros
  • Being inspired by Katie's amazing hand-crafted gift cards made from recycled fabrics.

Black Wattle Bay

Katie's Cards

Lunch time conundrum solved...

Thanks to Deb at Smitten Kitchen for solving this week's "what shall I take to work for lunch?" debacle!

Saturday 21 August 2010

1001 Journals...

As a kid I was an avid journal writer. My first proper diary had a lock and key and was called Igly... the ins and outs of a 12 year olds life can be quite funny to read... sibling warfare, favourite TV shows, hierarchy of friends and their ever changing positions - first best friend can quickly plummet to the bottom of the list over very minor issues.

I think I kept a journal on and off until about 5 years ago, which coincided with meeting NP, working a full time job and a realisation that over-thinking stuff doesn't help very much. Recently some of my old diaries have re-surfaced while packing boxes, making cleaning up about 300 times longer than it should be... I can't help but crack the spines of these old books and take trips down memory lane...

I'm sure for lots of bloggers these kind of spaces are substitutes for their journals. I'm often amazed at how open people are with their private thoughts on such a public space. There's always a line where I start feeling a little uncomfortable about how much I give away on Feeling Fuzzy? and I wonder if it's not enough or too much... I think I'll just trundle along and not worry too much about it.

Do you remember the 1000 Journal Project? It started a while back with journals travelling the world in a beautiful piece of collaborative artwork. I remember signing up knowing that there were slim chances of ever actually being sent or finding one.

Bird Textiles sent me an email last week about a new project called 1001 Journals, where individuals and groups can start there own travelling diary. So now there is a chance for everyone to join in!

All you do is register, find a book that is "Open" or "In Progress" and put your name on the list. I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail box!

Thursday 19 August 2010

Ode to Dully Hill

This is Dulwich Hill, as captured by Louise from 52 Suburbs. D'Hill has been our stomping ground for quite some time and as Louise mentions, there is change in the air for our little area... Gleebooks for one, the light rail proposition as well. Who know what will arrive next!
One of my favourite places to go is down to the Cooks River for bike rides or walks. Over the weekend I sat and read my new-ish Dumbo Feather and listened to some kids making a movie that I think was about invading aliens… I wondered if they could be the next generation of directors or actors in the making?

On the way home an amazing dark cloud settled over head and brought a 10 minute storm. Only 20 minutes before the sun had been shining so of course I had nothing but a tall tree to stand under (probably not that safe considering the likelihood of lightening)! That smell of fresh rain while surrounded by nature was a refreshing experience, despite getting quite soggy.

Sunday 15 August 2010


This weekend NP and I sold our little apartment at an auction... an exciting moment! It's actually been lots of fun cleaning and styling our place ready for people to come and see. Buying fresh flowers from Seed and making the bed are two of my favourite things to do.

Styling up our bedroom ready to Auction!

Now that we are really moving, I'm getting a some pre-emptive nostalgia... we've had such a great time living in this sunny place and I hope the next owners get to enjoy it as much as we have.

This is a shot of the driveway graffiti I did before I was an EP... I wish we could take it with us.

Sad to leave this little bit of concrete behind...

Friday 30 July 2010

Vote for Danielle!

NP's family knows an amazing girl called Danielle Weymark who I've been lucky enough to meet a few years ago. She's a passionate equestrian. Passion that just makes you tingle. I'm not a horse lover but watching her videos make me wonder if I'm missing out on something amazing!

I was really excited to hear that a video about her horse-riding has been entered into a competition called "Focus on Ability". If she receives enough votes she will win prize money that will hopefully help her get to the Paralympic Games.

Go to the Focus on Ability website to see "If Your Heart Wears Thin" and cast a vote for her. You can also see some great footage of her riding here and read her story at the Violet Foundation site here.

Voting closes Midnight 30th July AEST!

Image: Taken from here.

Thursday 29 July 2010

Paper Flowers Around the World...

One of my favourite illustrators, Anna Emilia, has a lovely example of how to use tissue-paper flowers as gift-decorations...

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Cecilia Heffer: Lace Narratives

Hello Friends,

You may have noticed this blog has been a little on the thin side in terms of any substantial writing... sure, a few music suggestions here, some hipstamatic shots there... but I think we can all agree this makes not for a particularly interesting read!

(Please tell me otherwise... perhaps you'd rather me short and sweet?)

Tonight despite an avalanche of University marking that is cascading from my inbox, I feel it is deeply important that anyone in Sydney over the next 3 weeks make a concerted effort to get to this exhibition.

I'm assuming that you who read Feeling Fuzzy? are quite keen on art, textiles, craft and the importance of beautiful things in life, yes?

I think you will appreciate at least 20 minutes gazing at the incredible textiles of Cecilia Heffer hanging in the beautiful Damien Minton Gallery in Redfern.

Exhibition Details:
Wed 28 July to Sat 14 August 2010
61-63 Great Buckingham St Redfern
02 9699 7551
Opening Hours: Wed-Sat 11am-6pm

PS. Number 46 is coming home with me!

Cecilia Heffer's Fabric Drops

Cecilia Heffer's Fabric Drops

Images 1 & 2: Feeling Fuzzy?
Images 3 & 4: Damien Minton Gallery

Saturday 24 July 2010

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Music: Nicola Watson

I like this girl's new album "Clear is the Coast". She is from Melbourne and I hope she comes to visit Sydney soon. One of her songs was playing on the radio on the way home from Yumi's Exhibition... it was a perfect way to end the night.

Monday 12 July 2010

Christmas in July...

Hosted by my mum at her house in the Southern Highlands... friends, scrabble, pie & crepes are all essential ingredients.



Crepe Creation

A bush-walk after rain...


Bush Track


Skimming stones


Friday 9 July 2010

Yumi 's Magical Opening Night!

Congratulations lovely Yumi on such an amazing Opening Night! I was lucky to arrive at the gallery a little before most... seeing such magical body of work set to twinkling music by our friend Jerome gave me the shiniest & happiest feeling.

Blair has created a beautiful video (above) of the night... I think he's captured the floating essence of Yumi and her work.

Sweetness catered the event, with squishy and very special marshmallows, little lemon tarts and macaroons on 3 tired plates.

Thank you Yumi and Taka for giving us this beautiful exhibition!

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Yumi's Exhibition!

I am very proud to announce Yumi Takahashi's new exhibition, opening on the Thursday 9th July at 8pm and running for 2 weeks at the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Paddington, Sydney.

Yumi is my lovely and talented friend - we collaborated last year on our Souzou project and she was inspiring to the end!

She would love to see lots of people at the opening so tell anyone you know that might be interested... I will be there, enjoying the beauty of Yumi's dreamy and contagiously beautiful artwork.

xx Emma

Yumi Takahashi's Exhibition!

Sunday 27 June 2010

Tweedy Sunday

A fantastic morning cycling the city streets in our tweed get-up! NP, Pat and I met bright and early at Town Hall and then made our way down to the Opera House, back up into the city, and to a park in Alexandria. We had some funny looks and hoots from people... the lycra-clad speedies thought we were very odd-looking!
Can't wait for next year!

Sydney Tweed Ride

Sydney Tweed Ride

Sydney Tweed Ride

You can see more photos here!