Sunday 26 September 2010


I've been particularly busy with birthday celebrations over the last couple of weeks! I had some lovely times with friends and family. One of the highlights being my grandfather (better known as Pom-Pom) singing me happy birthday on the phone as he has done for 31 years.

A few highlights have been:

Magic Key

A mysterious key from NP leading me to my 
surprise birthday dinner at Quay.


A night at the football with my family.


Gifts from my dear friends Yumi and Kirst.


Luncheon 2

Luncheon at Chowder Bay with the girls.

IMG_0999.JPGEating birthday pavlova

Eating my Dad's famous Pavlova 
(featuring my sisters Hannah and Amy).

Wow! That was a whole lot of good eating and fun times!
How lucky am I??!
Thank you everyone for making my birthday so very excellent!

Great news!

Thank you everyone who helped out our family-friend Danielle by voting for her video. We were so excited to hear that she came 2nd place and has been awarded $1500! I can't wait to see where her amazing equestrian abilties will take her next...

Friday 10 September 2010

Newspaper Poetry

I sent this to NP this week - it fell perfectly into my lap after a morning doing the bathroom dance together! Just replace "relationship" for "marriage" and I think he's on to something!
Go see more over at Austin Kleon's blog...

St Johns Rd, Glebe. Thursday evening.

St Johns Rd, Glebe. Thursday Night.