Sunday 21 August 2011

Making a Felt Ball Rug, Slowly.


Last November I made the grand purchase of 8000 felt balls from a very industrious Etsy Seller.

I'm sure like me you've seen those nice squishy Felt Ball Rugs in catalogues this year?

I thought making my own would be a fun project for the house. Almost 10 months later and I'm proud to say I'm half way through threading my 8000 balls into a rug that when I put down on the living room floor NO ONE will be allowed to tread, lie, roll or touch. Practical, huh!?

It's been a bit of an ordeal, though I find the process once I have a spare hour or two quite cathartic, something like the action of Rosary Beads, though I guess I'm praying to the felt god to get me through this one!

I just popped over to the Hay Studio site to see there Pinocchio Rug, and looks like they've come up with some nice new designs too...

Photo 1: Taken by E Peters.
Photos 2-4: From the Hay Studio Website.

How to Make Carpet Art, A Tutorial

Step One: Poor lovely glass of red wine to drink while perusing the web on a Sunday night.
Step Two: Sweep arm for no real reason, catch sleeve on wine glass
Step Three: Knock wine glass from table to floor, making sure wine spills across beige carpet in the largest surface area possible.
Step Four: Yelp and cry out to anyone else in the house while preventing dog from running into wine spill.
Step Five: Google how to get wine out of carpet.
Step Six: Husband/Partner/Flatmate must run to get Saxa Table Salt from kitchen cupboard and proceed to tip salt in strange patterns across wine spill.
Voila, your own Carpet Art Piece!
NB. Wine still not completely out of carpet, need to go get carpet stain remover, but a lot less creative than the above technique!