Friday 31 October 2008

Farewell October...

So it turns out October had some great highlights on the Feeling Fuzzy? Blog...

- Most excitingly Souzou was born. I'm going to be posting all our progress in creating our place of creativity up on the blog. Yumi and I have so many ideas. Today where off to the Addison St Markets to do some contemplation and sourcing.

- The Consume Less Project also started with a bit of a rocky start, but you'll be glad to know I spent an afternoon at the dreaded Bondi Junction and was able to back away slowly from the claws of retail. Turns out shopping is quite boring when your not actually purchasing.

- NP turned 28 and we celebrated the old fashioned way (Cupcakes, Laser Zone and Karaoke).

- A brilliantly beautiful day picnicking on Shark Island hailed in Summer in Sydney.

- A gorgeous wedding of two gorgeous people happened on the South Coast.

All in all I feel quite happy with how October went. Thanks for joining me here and please feel free to send anyone who might like to have a peak at the Feeling Fuzzy? blog to come over and visit!

Thursday 30 October 2008

A sprinkling of Martha...

Over the weekend I packed away my wedding dress and veil in acid-free tissue paper. As I had some time on my hands I went that extra (some may say 'pedantic') mile and added blue ribbons and little snapshots of each from our proof photos. 

You have no idea how happy it makes me to see these parcels... should I blame the Virgo in me, my mum's influence, or those damn Martha Stewart magazines? I think it's a little bit from each.

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Consume Less

Yumi and I went to an inspiring talk at COFA given by Liane Rossler of Dinosaur Designs fame. She gave the Al Gore presentation on Climate Change and then related it back to her own practice and home. We've decided this is something that souzou will strive for and felt that the best way to start this was by making some changes in our own lives.

So  I have a problem with consuming goods in a major way - I just love stuff. Which is fine, but thinking about how much energy has been put into producing the product make me a little more hesitant to purchase - magazines, clothes, anything packaged in a major way... it's all a bit over the top.

We've decided, over the next 3 months we will try our hardest to Consume Less by not buying apparel brand new (vintage is okay). This is going to be hard but I think it's an interesting experiement. Maggie Alderson of  The Good Weekend (did you know her husbands name is Popi Popovich?) did the same this year, and I have a feeling that buying less forces you to be more creative with what you've got already. I quite like the sound of that.

So far, 4 days into the Consume Less scenario, I have purchased a Vintage Dress (see below) from Eva's in Annandale, and 2 glass domes from Salvage 42 in Glebe. But I have to confess the awful truth. When buying said dress, I also bought a necklace thinking it was vintage, but as I walked out of the shop I looked at it a bit more closely and it was obviously new (tag and all still attached). And if I was stronger I would have walked right back into the shop and demanded they take it back. But I didn't. Because I love it, and it's such a lovely colour. 

I'm wondering how successful this project will be!

Sunday 26 October 2008

Red Rooster

After our first souzou meeting, this Sugar Plum was whipped up... can you tell that I was feeling rather expansive? It's a big guy, and unfortunately reminds me of a kid's rooster costume. But maybe that's just me?

I've relaxed a little about putting photos of myself up here... at first I was concerned that people would start recognising me on the streets, but I'm thinking that's not really a big deal considering the readership of this blog!

Hello Stranger!

It's been a while my friends, but I'm back on board! 

We had a day out last week with some great friends... a picnic at Shark Island to celebrate the impending arrival of Sarah + Bob's baby. The weather was glorious, and we'd never ventured out to this particular island in the middle of Sydney Harbour before. It has lovely shady areas to throw blankets down, and place to paddle and explore. A highlight was the commentary of the sights of Sydney with a very Sale of the Century-esque manner. 

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Doshi Levien

I really love these seats... the colour and shape appeals to me no end. I would have these in my hallway (sea-grass on floor, danish credenza near by) or even better, in the Souzou Shop! Do you think you'd like to relax on these pieces while perusing a well-chosen book or magazine?

Images: Doshi Levien

Tuesday 14 October 2008

NP's Birthday

Last week Nato turned "late-20s" and to celebrate we had a day of activites beginning with a BIG breakfast...


Followed by Laser Zone, beverages in the sun, Karaoke, and a feast of BBQ King. What a day! And on a school night too. This grandma was pretty pooped!

Continuing this year's theme for birthday presents I made 3 felted dinosaurs for NP to adopt. They're a bit funny looking, but that's half their charm (or so we tell them). 

Friday 10 October 2008

The beginning...

Yumi and I have been working on something very exciting this week.We've been hatching a little plan for a while now and on Wednesday night we had a little light bulb go off!

I think both of us are quite keen to have our own creative nook in the world... somewhere where we can do all the things that come into our heads.

We've come up with a name which we both like - "souzou", a japanese word meaning "to create something new from your imagination".

We are going to spend the next couple of months trialing our ideas at market stalls and will keep you up to date as to when these happen.

Here are some nice pics of our creative evening... Yumi bought over a bunch of Ranunculus which inspired her paintings and my textile pieces.

Maria Bonita Extra

My new favourite fashion designer...

P+B Got Married!

NP and I were lucky enough to be guests at our friends Phoebe and Ben's wedding on the weekend. It was the most gorgeous event, with the rainmaking it even more special.

The wedding was relocated to an old scout hall in the South Coast and the reception was held in a marquee in the middle of vervant paddocks. Three loooong tables filled with flowers, a gorgeous 5 hour lunch, followed by much dancing and drinking.

The next day egg and spoon races, took place atthe brunch, and we ate freshly made crepes, croque monsiuers and delicious coffee.

There was such joy and happiness amongst their friends and family. We love you P+B!

N+E Got Married!

We picked up our wedding album a couple of weeks ago. So lovely
seeing all our memories so beautifully captured!