Saturday 28 March 2009

March Book Report

A couple of months ago Yumi introduced me to The Book Depository - a wondrous place of many books with free postage to Australia - hurrah!

This month I was able to purchase this little gem: Milk Teeth by Julie Morstad, an incredible illustrator and imaginator (not sure if that's actually a word, but I think it should be).

Hope you've enjoyed this little peak!

Tuesday 24 March 2009

More Etsy Lovin

I'm a long time lover of Etsy (as most of you probably are) and thought it would be nice to share some of my latest favourites with a Bianco e Nero theme perhaps?

A big hairy yetti at owlyshadowpuppets, US$12.

A Four Seasons Mini Cup at baileydoesntbark, US$59 for a set of Four

Taikakettu Print by hannapaivik, US$19.00.

Bianco e Nero Twine at angelalguori, US$16.00.

Even Super Heroes Need a Break at ashleyg, US$20.00

Hope you enjoy these lovely pieces....


Monday 23 March 2009

I heart wife...

Our talented and gorgeous friend Nicole has just opened her very own Etsy shop "Wife Imitates Art". Not only does Nicole make divine pieces, she's an amazing and inspirational lecturer and a joy to bump into (most often at the Marrickville Markets on Sundays).

I've just popped one of her Patched Wraps into my shopping cart....

But it took me about approximately a decade to decide if I wanted this one:

Or this one...

I'm sure you can see my dilemma. I went for the former but kind of feel like I've adopted a little person and left behind his brother. Rather an extreme reaction really. 


Saturday 21 March 2009

Thank you so much...

Hello! We have just had a beautiful day at the Orange Grove Markets and we wanted to say thank you to all our friends and family for coming to visit and supporting us. It truly means the world to see you all. Thank you to all our peeps that couldn't make it along - we felt your good vibes and crossed fingers!

And a triple thank-you to Taka and Nato, our most patient and beloved partners, who put up with grumps and cranks and funny dances to make them smile and forgive us for the grumps and cranks. They carried umbrellas, made sure that everything was properly in place and gave us the support that any girl could wish for. We are two very lucky chickens.

A little sneak peak of some other photos of the markets can be seen right here!

Lots of Love,
Emma & Yumi.

Thursday 19 March 2009

A new friend!

Yumi and I are busy felting little finger puppets and putting the finishing touches on the Sugar Plums for the market on Sunday (whoops, not Sunday... it's Saturday)! It was time for a little break and I noticed that a lovely blogger by the name of ii-ne-kore (a way of expressing appreciation and delight - I'm head over heels already!) left a very nice comment on the Souzou blog.

Popping over to visit ii-ne-kore has happily reminded me of one of my favourite books "A Year In Japan" by Kate T Williamson. It's been tucked away in my bookshelf for far too long!

There are other very beautiful images on the blog and it's so lovely to be reading what's happening in Melbourne.

Thank you to the ii-ne-kore blog for new inspiration!


Tuesday 17 March 2009


Our friend Hello Sandwich, has just posted some images of Eleanor Avery's glitter mountains. They reminded me of sets from my favourite kids tv show in Japan.  It is called Doremi no terebi It stars the lovely UA. She is like a Japanese Bjork/ Chrlotte Gainsbourg! 
 Here are 2 songs she sang... 
The first is oyako pasha pasha. It is about washing your body and cleansing your heart and then going out to play! She is singing here with Tomo tomo, he is super amazing also!

the next song is a favourite! it is a famous song from the south islands of Japan. It is called Tinsagu nu hana translated as Impatience Balsamina(Garden/Rose Balsam) flower. 
The translation of the song is here.

Monday 16 March 2009

Markets this Saturday!

Hello friends!

Yumi and I would like to invite you all to our markets this Saturday 21st March at Orange Grove Public School. We'd love to see you there as we have lots of new things to share with you. Bring your shopping bags to do your fresh organic fruit and veg too! If you happen to be a Souzou friend that lives very far away, we'll be posting up photos of the day next week.

Orange Grove Organic Markets
8am - 1pm
Corner of Perry St and Balmain Rd

Hope to see you there!

Love Emma & Yumi

Friday 13 March 2009

Houseboat Wk-end!

I was recently on a house are some lovely photographs, our friends Dom and Jae took!
We explored a riverbank and found an amazing skeleton (we came to a conclusion that it was a wallaby!) washed up on the rocks.
A boulder in the distance that reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy

Thursday 5 March 2009


Yesterday, I borrowed an Australian film "somersault". This beautiful piece was written and directed by Cate Shortland.
After watching all the "special features" I found out that she was inspired by Bill Henson, Nan Goldin and Todd Hido's photography.
Todd Hido's work is amazing. I am in love with his Landscap series.

I was so inspired by the sounds(decoder ring) and visual imagery of this film...

that it led me to creating some work of my own...


Monday 2 March 2009

The Selby

I don't know much about her...but The Selby has made me a fan! Elisa Nalin is her name. I am loving her colour and clutter in this cute Parisian apartment!

I am thinking of heading over to the Monster Children Gallery in Darlinghurst this coming friday night. There is an opening for the exhibition featuring the(party snapping) Cobrasnake and my weekly stickybeak The Selby!
Fri 6th March 6pm
20 Burton Street, Darlinghurst Sydney NSW

Sunday 1 March 2009

Work on Fabric

Yumi and I have been developing a body of work that I think is quite exciting! Firstly Yumi creates her beautiful watercolour, pen and ink drawings, capturing moments in time. Then little aspects of her work are isolated and transformed into embroideries. We love working like this where one piece informs and develops into another. Hope you like this little example...

Yayoi Kusama Exhibition

If you were to go to only one exhibition this year make it Yayoi Kusama's Mirrored Years at the MCA in Sydney... it's like a trip to Disney Land - rooms filled with dots, spots and lights - you can't help but smile, clap your hands and jump up and down!