Thursday 17 February 2011

Wildbirds & Peace Drums

If you're in Sydney on the 8th March this band is playing at The Church on Chalmers. They are lovely. And they're film clip reminds me of Yumi's watercolours.

Oh! And they are performing Bjork's Human Behaviour from her Debut Album, which could most possibly be my #1 favourite album of all time...

Ack! And here they are busking!

However I think this might be my favourite song...

Okay, enough of that! I have dinner in the oven and must tend to it!

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Valentine's Day Family Portrait

A surprise trip to The Sydney Observatory to see the stars, fish and chips at the beach, holding hands with my beloved and chasing Wilton... a perfect Valentine's Day for me!

Friday 11 February 2011

Be My Valentine...

My beloved and I take turns in planning little Valentine's events for each other - this year I'm the lucky one to get a treat - hurrah!

I'm particularly fortunate that NP is the world's leading surprise expert (WLSE for short) so I'm looking forward to what he comes up with... last year (even though it wasn't his turn) he sent me a bunch of fruit flowers dipped in chocolate from this nice place... everyone in the studio was quite happy to help me enjoy them!

I came across this amazing team in a magazine (which, I do not know)  - The Sydney Picnic Co. If I was in charge of Valentine's day this year I'd ring them up and immediately order one of their amazing hampers... yum! They look so good! Hop onto it pronto if you want to take them up on their lovely Valentine's Hamper...

All images are from the Sydney Picnic Co Website

Sunday 6 February 2011

That was yesterday...

Sunday night sipping tea and doing a bit of work on my quilt while listening to this excellent album by Vertiver. In under 5 hours the temperature in Sydney has finally dropped from mid 30s to a very liveable 17 degrees. Phew!

Yesterday morning I snuck over to Wylies Baths for a dip and already the crowds had begun to gather around the water's edge. Last weekend I was sitting in the exact same place with my two very dear friends, one who is now travelling the globe for a year. I was sad not to have them both with me.

Never-the-less it was a beautiful way to begin the weekend, despite the scorching heat.

Ocean side


View from Southern Coogee

Wylie's From the Shade

There are few more photos over at my flickr page...

Thursday 3 February 2011

Ólöf Arnalds at The Sydney Festival

I look forward every year to the Sydney Festival... it's just the best mix of inspiring acts of creativity. If anyone is thinking of visiting Sydney make it January when the festival is on!

My favourite this year was Ólöf Arnalds at the Speigeltent for 3 different reasons...

  • I went with my lovely friend Yumi from Dear Plastic
  • The tent was just magical on a sunny Saturday afternoon
  • Ólöf has such a lovely presence on stage and sings songs about her best friends which resonated with me quite a bit. Especially this one where she outlines the very best points of her 3 pals.

Ólöf Arnalds

Ólöf Arnalds

Ólöf Arnalds

I also got to see Beach House at Angel Place (dreamy), but missed out on Kitty, Daisy and Lewis because of a rotten summer head cold. Boo! I heard it was great though.