Monday 18 March 2013

Feeling Fuzzy on Facebook!

Feeling Fuzzy has finally made a second home over at Facebook. I'd love you to join me if you are a Facebook-er - just go over here and "like" the Feeling Fuzzy page. I will have more regular updates and will let you know whenever there are new posts on the blog - a good way to keep track as you might have realised my blogging is best described as spontaneous.

I hope to broadcast local textile events (Sydney, Australia based) and news that I come across and share my textile friends' happenings


Monday 11 March 2013

Dear Plastic's Next Adventure


Yumi & Taka from Dear Plastic

Everyone, my dear friends Yumi and Taka from Dear Plastic, are planning their next big project and they need our help!

They have been accepted into The Takehara International Art Exhibition + Residency, taking place in a historic town of Japan. The two week residency is a great opportunity for them to develop new work, hold workshops and participate in the Bamboo Festival for two weeks in April and May this year.

They are amazing an amazing independent team based in Melbourne and are the hardest working and passionate artists I know. We are very lucky to have quite a few of their pieces in our home and I can't wait to see what comes from this next period.

Yumi & Taka have just started a Pozible campaign that will hopefully allow them to get to Japan. You will find out more about their plans at the Pozible site. They have some fantastic rewards to thank their friends for their help. I can't say enough how energized one feels after pledging to such a great project!

Dear Plastic's floating mini crystal mobile.
Dear Plastic's floating mini crystal mobile.
Dear Plastic's Craft Victoria window exhibition Jan 2013: Mountain God + Crystal Queen.
Mountain amulets from our Mountain God + Crystal Queen exhibition, Jan 2013.
Matsuzaka Tei, Japan.

All images from Yumi & Taka's Pozible Campaign Page.


Saturday 9 March 2013

Alex Falkiner: Textile Maker and Colour Connoisseur

If you are in Sydney in the coming weeks and require an injection of joyful colour and texture, I prescribe a visit to any of these exhibitions or workshops Alex Falkiner (aka Alfaky) is involved in. Or if in need of a quick top up, go over to her website and Instagram feed as soon as possible!

Alex Falkiner's felt, crochet & grosgrain necklaces. Photo by A. Falkiner.
Alex Falkiner's studio and baskets. Photo by A. Falkiner.
Alex Falkiner's rope and felt necklaces. Photo by A. Falkiner.
Alex Falkiner's Baskets. Photo by A. Falkiner.

Prescriptions can be filled here:


The Curio Collectors Cabinent, Gaffa Gallery
281 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW
7th - 18 March 2013

Knit | Knot | Weave, Gallery Lane Cove
164 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove, NSW
4th March - 1st April 2013
* A few of my talented friends - Paula do Prado and Brook Morgan are also in this show!

Workshop: Knot and Twist: Fabric Necklace Creations with Alex at
85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW
Saturday 6th April


Friday 8 March 2013

Gathering Figs for Natural Dyeing

Moreton Bay Fig Fruit

Yesterday I visited my favourite Moreton Bay Fig tree to collect a bagful of the fruit that falls to the ground. These little figs are beautiful in colour, ranging from deep aubergine to bright bright green. They have become important totems for my research, representing place and repositories for safe keeping.

Usually when busy down on the ground scavenging for figs, someone comes along to ask what I'm collecting... I say I'm going to use them to dye fabric. Some people get quite interested and talk about other plants they know of that are "tinctorious" (a word I made up but relates to the Latin word tīnctus,  past participle of tingere  to dye, color, tinge).

I've been boiling these figs up in my old aluminium pot and letting their colours alchemise (another made up word) and embed into pieces of silk. The softest colours evolve .. darker if left to soak for longer. 

A fruity smell, which I hoped would be delicious, but is actually quite pungent, comes from the pot. I leave it on the stove until I've had enough of the smell, then out the door it goes to sit.

If Wilton is with me he has to be very patient and wait until I've gathered enough. It's usually much easier if he's back on the couch at home.

I keep forgetting to re-boil the pot every couple of days, so I've had a bad case of growing mould. Hopefully this isn't too toxic!

The Moreton Bay Fig Tree that supplies my fruit. Filling the pot with figs Soaking the figs in a cloth of silk. The resulting dye colours from the Moreton Bay Fig Fruit.