Saturday 27 September 2008

Melbourne Part 2: Literature

Whenever I travel I chose to purchase the heaviest and most unwieldily mementos.  Such as books. NP will attest to this as he had to lug my books (full of lovely pictures but nothing I could actually read) around Japan for 3 weeks, and I'll be forever grateful.

My first purchase came about when we were trying to find the Hat Shop (more on that latter) near Flinders St Station. We happened upon a dark little shop that sells hand made zines... something that just doesn't seem to flourish in Sydney. I picked up the artist Chay-ya's exhibition catalogue which she has handily uploaded to the net for all to see. It's a secret treasure. And light enough to travel well.

The next great read was picked up at the NGV gallery shop. Charley Harper is one of my favourite illustrators, recently championed by Todd Oldman (America's Tonia Todman). NP wasn't so excited to see that the letter N was associated with Nest... I think he was expecting something a little more exciting... 

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