Thursday 5 March 2009


Yesterday, I borrowed an Australian film "somersault". This beautiful piece was written and directed by Cate Shortland.
After watching all the "special features" I found out that she was inspired by Bill Henson, Nan Goldin and Todd Hido's photography.
Todd Hido's work is amazing. I am in love with his Landscap series.

I was so inspired by the sounds(decoder ring) and visual imagery of this film...

that it led me to creating some work of my own...



Feeling Fuzzy? said...

yumi! i love your new work... you are so amazing! I can't wait to do some little embroideries inspired by these pieces! See you soon... xEmma

Olivia said...

yes, i love the painting too - makes me feel cool and clean and relaxed.. like the smell of Lavender..
And i also join with you on appreciation of Somersault, its a beautful snapshot of a girls misadventures.