Saturday 21 March 2009

Thank you so much...

Hello! We have just had a beautiful day at the Orange Grove Markets and we wanted to say thank you to all our friends and family for coming to visit and supporting us. It truly means the world to see you all. Thank you to all our peeps that couldn't make it along - we felt your good vibes and crossed fingers!

And a triple thank-you to Taka and Nato, our most patient and beloved partners, who put up with grumps and cranks and funny dances to make them smile and forgive us for the grumps and cranks. They carried umbrellas, made sure that everything was properly in place and gave us the support that any girl could wish for. We are two very lucky chickens.

A little sneak peak of some other photos of the markets can be seen right here!

Lots of Love,
Emma & Yumi.


Hello Sandwich said...

oh hello little clever cookies! the stall looked just gorgeous! i am sorry i couldn't make it this time. I was so exhausted after my 5 hour Japanese class! I hope it went well!
Yumi chan! Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!
Love hellosandwich

Kate said...

Hello Emma! These look just as delightful as your beautiful piece last night - it was so lovely to meet you. Let me know when your next market is and I shall pop along!
Kate x

Phoebe said...

Another fabulous stall! Congrats! xx

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Thanks girls - you are all so lovely! We really appreciate your cheers!

Kate said...

That would be delightful, Emma! Go right ahead, and I might do the same :)
See you soon, K X