Tuesday 17 March 2009


Our friend Hello Sandwich, has just posted some images of Eleanor Avery's glitter mountains. They reminded me of sets from my favourite kids tv show in Japan.  It is called Doremi no terebi It stars the lovely UA. She is like a Japanese Bjork/ Chrlotte Gainsbourg! 
 Here are 2 songs she sang... 
The first is oyako pasha pasha. It is about washing your body and cleansing your heart and then going out to play! She is singing here with Tomo tomo, he is super amazing also!

the next song is a favourite! it is a famous song from the south islands of Japan. It is called Tinsagu nu hana translated as Impatience Balsamina(Garden/Rose Balsam) flower. 
The translation of the song is here.


Hello Sandwich said...

Ow its so cute! is the second one the sad song from Japanese story! oh my goodness it makes me cry!
I think I will have to put those gorgeous movies on Hello Sandwich too! xxx

Unknown said...

How cool is that!

Love it.



Hello Sandwich said...

Yumi-chan! I hope you don't mind now! (>_<)
love Hello Sandwich. xxx

ii-ne-kore said...

oh wow - that is so awesome! i am so very happy i have come across you guys via the lovely hellosandwich:) she is an incredible lady, this really inspires me to unpack the shamisen and try again - thankyou so much for a wonderful and inspiring post!!

Yumi said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I am so happy you enjoy it also!!!
Wow, you have a shamisen?! that is great! I was going to study shamisen when I was living in Japan, but I got caught up in weaving and calligraphy!
Thanks again!