Thursday 25 June 2009

plaaa stick

I read about this issue in the Good Weekend and then found this amazing video through The Critical Slide Society blog.

You can see the rest at 'Garbage Island' on Vice Magazine's VBS TV 
There are 3 parts, each part is around 20mins long but well worth the time.

It makes you realise how irresponsible humans are with things they create, consume and then we are making others suffer due to our carelessness.
...just  when I felt all hope was lost... an amazing Mr David de Rothschild is doing something positive to create awareness and hopefully... CHANGE!

You can see more of his amazing-ness here and here!


Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Wow - thank you Yumi! That floating landfill is very scary... and that nasty chemical too. I'm going to think twice when buying anything made or packaged with plastic now I know the effect it has on us and the environment.


Fede said...

Me ha gustado mucho tu blog
el mio es