Thursday 3 December 2009

Hello Spoonful!

My dear friend Jerome has just told me about a new publication that sounds particularly exciting.... it's name is Spoonful and I might share with you some pictures and text...

"The first ever issue of Spoonful is finally out!! Packed with an overwhelming selection of ways to inspire, feel contentment and recover from failures, Spoonful 01 is guaranteed to make a highly satisfying & soulful little stocking stuffer, perfect for Christmas, Birthdays, Chanukah (you can spin a dradle on it!) & that general everyday business of just being alive.

Importantly - Spoonful is just that, a taste, short and sweet, so that it can be read on a train ride - and not create any more pressure or require large chunks of time to consume it. We're all so busy nowadays with life, the universe and everything that perhaps what we need is a bite-sized piece of inspiration, easily consumed and yet still satisfying :)

Spoonful is a tiny bit smaller than A5 (so that you can carry it around with you), printed on 100% recycled & unbleached stock, (so it's totally friendly :) and well, it will come out every so often, so hopefully it will always be there, just in time to remind us that everything will be okay."
It is currently available for purchase online here and here! And you can find out a little more about the makers of Spoonful here!

I'm looking forward to recieving my copy in the mail!

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