Monday 30 April 2012

Wild & Windy Weekend Picnic at Strickland House, Vaucluse

Picnic at Strickland House Picnic at Strickland House Picnic at Strickland House Picnic at Strickland House

Nathan and I celebrated our fourth year of being married with a picnic at Strickland House, Vaucluse. The sun managed to sneak out for a little while, but I quite liked the blusteriness of the day. There was very little company and we felt like we had the whole of the foreshore to ourselves.

We had a custom made hamper from The Sydney Picnic Company and it was more than delicious... olives, cheese, lovely salad and brownies ta boot! Lovely touches of craftiness swathed the basket and inside were hidden brown boxes tied with string, polka dote napkins, cutlery tied with flowers... the perfect combination of aesthetic yumminess, which I think reflected quite well our two loves... food and design.


Yumi said...

Congratulations! Looked like a lovely windy snuggly day :)

Olivia said...

ooh, happy anniversary! What a special place for a picnic.. my great grandfather was the groundsman at Vaucluse house once.. long ago.. xo