Wednesday 20 June 2012

Dumbo Feather Kickstarter Project

My Dumbo Feather Collection.

I've subscribed myself and lots of friends over the years to this lovely magazine. It has provided much encouragement and insight into the big choice of following your "heart lines".

I've had a few pauses between subscriptions and I've always found myself missing the Dumbo Feather immersion. This can be identified by copious cups of tea, lounge sitting and a sprinkle of heart-warming Dumbo Feather happiness. I think some of my favourite interviews they have published have been with India Flint, eco-dyer and magic-maker, and Sabrina Ward-Harrison, artist and teacher. Beautiful encounters with creative and inspiring people.

This month Dumbo Feather is on Kickstarter in the hopes that they can start developing an iPad app. I hope they reach their goal as everything they do is full of integrity and beauty.

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