Friday 27 July 2012

Textile Trip to Melbourne

Stitch and dye sampler from Roz Hawker's Workshop.
A stitch and dye sampler created in Roz Hawker's workshop over two days.
A first glimpse of the rainbow shaped theme of the week.
 Last month I travelled from Sydney to Melbourne to attend India Flint and Roz Hawker's workshops that were part of Beautiful Silk's Natural Dye Symposium. This had been a long awaited trip to immerse myself in dyeing and stitching for three days. Heaven! And the best way to learn anything. I'm looking forward to trying out some of my learnings with my local vegetation. I have three bags of various bits and pieces at the ready to start the alchemy!

Waiting for my tram. Early morning Melbourne.
Waiting for my early morning Melbourne tram. A novelty for Sydney-siders!
The road trip from Sydney to Melbourne, via Beechworth.
Road tripping with a pit stop at Beechworth, Victoria.
The rainbow that greeted us on the day of departing Sydney. A good omen.
The rainbow that farewelled us from Sydney.
My lovely Sophie necklace that accompanied me most days on the trip.
The rainbows accompanied me most days via Sophie's lovely necklace gift.

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