Tuesday 23 September 2008

Melbourne Part 1: Eating

We ate ourselves silly over the weekend...
Flew in, checked in and went straight to Pellegrini's Espresso Bar, a place I'd heard so much about, a "Melbourne institution". The problem with not being a local is not knowing which dish is going to be the best option, and when we saw a guy tucking into a plate of meat-balls we knew we'd made an error. The granita and coffee made up for our average, but over-sized Ravioli and Spaghetti Marinara.

Next up was dinner at Comme, recommended by a friend who's food radar is one of the best. We had the meal of a life-time - the food just keeps on coming if you go with the Chef's Selection, the highlight for NP being the fries (okay, my highlight too...).

A late lunch the next day at Little Creatures Dining Hall continued the good eating... beer and Pipsqueak Cider accompanied lamb shanks for me, steak sandwich for NP, and then the most AMAZING donuts with ice cream were scoffed down. A fun place to go with friends with the casual climate and open space (thought nice with someone special too).

Japanese in the evening in the interest of our digestion was had at Hak0 - found wandering the back-lanes (and mistaking Robot Sushi for a food venue, when actually a bar). Great meal - the hot pot was smashing, but let down by a diluted pot of tea. Which matters. A lot. But I guess when this is a low point in a weekend, it's a pretty good one.

NP continued this culinary journey the next day with a trip to the place claiming "the world's best fries"... Lord of the Fries. I think he's trying to figure out how to bring the franchise to Sydney. I have to agree they were pretty good. We've just sent an email begging them to come to Sydney.

So we've had our intake of potato for the year and we're on detox this week trying to recovery from our gluttony, but it was worth every bite. 

Pellegrini's: 66 Bourke St Melbourne.
Comme: 7 Alfred Place, Melbourne.
Little Creatures Dining Hall: 222 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.
Hako: 310 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.
Lord of the Fries:  Flinders St Station, Melbourne.

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Pat said...

Lord of the Fries. Awesome. I see a whole chain of literary-pun-titled restaurants coming on... Lord of the (onion) Rings, American Psychow, Beer and Bloating in Las Vegas, Ham-let... whoops, need to get back to work.