Wednesday 5 November 2008

Book Report

After being overwhelmingly inspired by the textile students work at the Renew Lace Exhibition, I spent a glorious 2 hours at Ariel Bookshop (yes Sylv, that's why I ducked away all of the sudden! A book-craving came on.)

Arial is my most favourite bookshop because of the following:

1. Great kids books
2. They sell Haigh's chocolate frogs
3. Lovely design and art books for the perusing
4. A good step to sit on when pondering over purchases

All very important criteria for a good bookshop.

One of the books I left the shop with is Oliver Jeffer's new "The Great Paper Caper". He is one of my favourite children's book authors/illustrators and I loved this book for it's quirky details, beautiful colours and a not too preachy eco-message. It is even printed on FSC paper (paper that comes from replenished forests), which makes me like the book even more.

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