Sunday 8 February 2009

Victorian Bushfire Appeal

NP and I have been watching the news tonight seeing fires rage in Victoria, the loss, the despair that people have woken up to. It's something we've been lucky enough never to have had to deal with. Bendigo is one of the beautiful country towns that has been effected. A couple of years ago I spent a wonderful weekend visiting my friend Livvy there. I hope all her friends are safe.

To donate to the victims of the fire online:

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Olivia said...

oh i am a bit late..oh dear..

but, to be honest with you - many of my old friends were in danger and many perished - i am talking about the beatiful trees and birds that always become my friends wherever i live, running the dogs through those forests made me so happy.. and now many of those ancient trees and wildlife exist no longer.. I hope we can learn to better manage bushfire in the future, like indigenous Australians have always known.