Sunday 19 April 2009

Tree Print by Bryan Nash Gill

Ooooo, this is quite a lovely print doing the rounds of the blog-0-sphere, and thought it fits quite well with this months theme...

When I was 15 I was definite I wanted to be either
A. An architect
B. A graphic designer
C. A forensic scientist

As the old song goes... "One of these things is not like the other..."
I think Option C had something to do with watching a lot of Murder Mysteries where things like dating a suspicious crime could be deduced with a quick count of the tree rings.

This little memory has made me smile, and actually involves Yumi... We were both into art at school and we completed 'work experience' together for a week at a design company that did the Australian packaging for Nutella. Not that we got to do anything as exciting as design for a chocolate brand (which reminds me I still haven't ticked that off the 'to do' list). 

The first day there was a bit of confusion about how we were getting to the studio (ending in me being quite late) and somehow Yumi and I wore exactly the same thing (white Country Road oversized button up shirt & jeans). The creative director thought this was quite funny much to our dismay. We desperately wanted to fit into this uber-cool designer lifestyle (well... I did, not sure about Yumi).

The week passed with us spending 7 hours a day perforating piles of itty-bitty stamps while listening to a very boring radio station (Simply Red was on repeat on the hour every hour).

BUT! At the end of the week we were able to design our own plastic boxes with sticky label logo! I'm sure I still have my box somewhere in the garage which I'll try to dig out and take a photo of. It was totally worth while.

Thank you to Cup of Jo & Oh So Beautiful Paper for posting this image and the trip down memory lane!

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