Friday 17 April 2009

Turning over a new leaf

Welcome to Chapter 2 of Souzou!

Yumi and I are very excited to announce that Souzou has become something new in the last couple of hours.

We have been feeling a little drained, disheartened and down about our project. All the good intentions and energy that we began with have been lost along the way.

After a good chat at our favourite meeting place (Berkalouw Books in Newtown) we've decided to make sure that Souzou is never a chore and is always a place for us to create with joy, dedication and verve. It's all about the journey rather than the destination!

Inspired by how Bill Henson & Richard Tognetti collaborated we have chosen a theme for this month to be our inspiration. After gathering a collection of second hand books available we came back to the couch and found that there was a strong sense of trees running through all our choices. 

So here we are with our very first theme which we will be working with for the next couple of weeks... My first 'tree' creation was a new Souzou banner... what do you think?


Kate said...

Oh, I love the idea of choosing a theme! You have me all inspired. Thank you!

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Oh thanks Kate - aren't themes great? I went for a walk this morning to one of my favourite shops in Summer Hill called My Messy Room - I'd love to take you there one day - praps when Alice gets back we can go all together?

Yumi said...

I loove!!! so nice and warm and woody! good work!! (I never would have thought of changing the blog page...what a great idea?!)

Yumi said...

p.s. did you watch the craft rap on hello sandwich?! it is so great!!!

Hello Sandwich said...

I love you pretty little things and your new leaf! I am sure it will be a success!
ha ha! How fun is Leslie! he he I am glad you enjoyed it Yumi-chan!
Miss you can we all have a beer with Lucas again soon? xxx

Unknown said...

Of course, I'm the one who encouraged someone to trace the pads of her fingers over the sandpaper letters of the alphabet... we thought we were being so radical but probably we were just feeling pain... Typical discourse: pain = success. Well done Yumi and Emma...