Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Soft Sculpture & Knitta Please...

Soft Sculpture is ending on July 12th so I'm racing down to Canberra this weekend with my friend Emily to see and feel my way through this good looking exhibition. There is even a Joseph Beuys piece - my absolute felt hero... I've never seen anything of his in person so I'm quite excited!

And as luck would have it, Magda Sayeg, founder of Knitta Please is giving a free talk at 2pm... wonders never cease! 

"Magda Sayeg, Knitta Please founder and yarn-bomber, discusses the curious convergence of knitting and graffiti, exploring the social implication of street art in our urban environment."

There are lots more related activities on over the next week too - go here for more details.

Soft Alphabet, 1978, Claes Oldenburg.
Eichnomchen (Squirrel), 1969, Meret Oppenheim.


ii-ne-kore said...

joseph looks very interesting!

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Oh he is... especially since he was one of the first Western artists to start using felt in contemporary work. Previously felt was really isolated to the Middle East & Central Asia, and used for millinery in the West.