Wednesday 1 July 2009

The Sydney Film Festival

This is one of my favourite times of the year... wintery evenings lining up at The State Theater with a bag of lollies and some pals, ready to see a new movie... bliss! What an amazing venue we have - I adore the interior theater, with all it's old-school glamour... who doesn't feel like a movie star walking into this place?

One of my favourite movies I caught this year was 'Beautiful Kate', directed by Rachel Ward, and starring 3 of my most loved Australian actors - divine Rachel Griffiths, moody Ben Mendelsohn and burly Bryon Brown. Some great newcomers too - Sophie Lowe and Maeve Dermody are wonderful. 

There's been a spurt of home-grown movies taking advantage of our most amazing landscapes... Jindabine and Somersault... Beautiful Kate is another and does it beautifully.

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Olivia said...

oooh, this looks quite divine. Those actors are amongst my faves too. How I love Australian films.. God I'm homesick..