Tuesday 2 February 2010

Esther Flemming

I've been lucky enough to meet the amazing Esther Flemming - a talented up-and-coming textile designer completing an internship at our studio at Sheridan.

She recently graduated from the Textile Design Course at TAFE and we snapped her up after seeing her end of year exhibition work. Her prints are inspired by her travels - bright colours and quirky motifs make me feel like I'd quite like to be on holidays! She's applied them to beautiful sun-chairs often found at European beaches. Her background in graphic design definitely enhances her ability to conceptualise ideas and be experimental within a brief. As well as being quite talented she is just a lovely girl to work with.

If anyone is in need of some amazing prints or a talented new designer you can contact Esther here.

All images provided and owned by Esther Flemming. Thanks Esther!


hannah x said...

Beautiful designs ! x

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Oh thank you Jo, that is lovely!

x Emma