Sunday 21 February 2010

Stormy Weather

The conversation between water and sky is always one I want to eaves drop on... the  light and colours they share are so wondrous and changeable.

NP and I got to go up to Hawks Next last weekend with my sister Hannah and her girlfriend Lauren - these are 2 photos taken 1 hour apart. The storm passed over quickly without a drop of rain so we continued our late afternoon dip. Even more magical was NP's dolphin sighting off the coast... a special moment.

Hawks Nest

Hawks Nest


Yumi said...

i love the colours!

Food and Shoes said...

so pretty!

Food and Shoes said...

its lucy by the way ;)

Olivia said...

mmm, beautiful.
I miss the ocean.
So next time you eaves-drop, say hello from me..