Tuesday 24 August 2010

Love at First Sight

If I lived in New York Purl Soho would be my official second home. Perhaps my first home? With all mail redirected to the Purl Soho shop. I think what really needs to happen is open my own shop with all sorts of nice crafty things in Sydney. I wonder if anyone would be as interested in this as me?

Fortunately for the time being they have an excellent website and blog that has lovely projects like this little-person's play-mat. My thoughts are that this should not be restricted to children alone - A tad unfair... 

The project can be found here and the fabric (which I'm considering whether to put into my shopping trolley) can be found here (the dot fabric I can't seem to locate on their site... anyone found it?). Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to come introduce myself. I needed to show a project for a Paperie Party this weekend. I have not mastered YouTube and your flower video was exactly what I made (in the late 60s) with my scout troop. Your name is clearly on it and I hope that others will do as I did and click over here. You have a wonderful blog. I hope to visit often.
Thank you for providing the punch of color I needed for the party. your voice is lovely. I wish I could pass it off as my own.

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Gosh, thanks so much for your lovely message! I'm so glad you enjoyed making the flowers... somehow they manage to bring that little burst of happiness, which I think is pretty special.
And what a nice voice-compliment! I've never really had such a compliment before!!

xx Emma