Thursday 19 August 2010

Ode to Dully Hill

This is Dulwich Hill, as captured by Louise from 52 Suburbs. D'Hill has been our stomping ground for quite some time and as Louise mentions, there is change in the air for our little area... Gleebooks for one, the light rail proposition as well. Who know what will arrive next!
One of my favourite places to go is down to the Cooks River for bike rides or walks. Over the weekend I sat and read my new-ish Dumbo Feather and listened to some kids making a movie that I think was about invading aliens… I wondered if they could be the next generation of directors or actors in the making?

On the way home an amazing dark cloud settled over head and brought a 10 minute storm. Only 20 minutes before the sun had been shining so of course I had nothing but a tall tree to stand under (probably not that safe considering the likelihood of lightening)! That smell of fresh rain while surrounded by nature was a refreshing experience, despite getting quite soggy.