Sunday 6 February 2011

That was yesterday...

Sunday night sipping tea and doing a bit of work on my quilt while listening to this excellent album by Vertiver. In under 5 hours the temperature in Sydney has finally dropped from mid 30s to a very liveable 17 degrees. Phew!

Yesterday morning I snuck over to Wylies Baths for a dip and already the crowds had begun to gather around the water's edge. Last weekend I was sitting in the exact same place with my two very dear friends, one who is now travelling the globe for a year. I was sad not to have them both with me.

Never-the-less it was a beautiful way to begin the weekend, despite the scorching heat.

Ocean side


View from Southern Coogee

Wylie's From the Shade

There are few more photos over at my flickr page...

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Yumi said...

gorgeous... I wish I was there with you!