Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Drum Roll for the Felt Ball Rug!




Slightly embarrassingly, I started making this Felt Ball Rug two years ago. Two years? Yes. Two years. November 2010. You might remember this post mid-way through the making... No? Well, neither do I... that was one year ago. A lot happens in one year... and a lot of nothing happens in one year, particularly when one has the habit of stopping and starting projects willy-nilly.

When I purchased 8000 felt balls, this kind of rug was a rarity. I think Anthropologie had a nice looking one out last year... but now... I see them everywhere! Not quite the same as mine, but still.

Never-the-less, I am proud to announce that I am literally days away from finishing this guy up. Just a few more stitches and this rug will be ready to adorn our living room. I must admit that it's only two-thirds the size that I had originally planned (thank-you to my sister who pointed out there was no way a bigger rug was going to work in said room). But despite this small change, I'm quite happy with how it is looking.

From the above photo you might thing that Wilton just loves sitting a top of these balls. The reality is, since he ate, digested and pooped one of the balls out, he's steered clear of the rug and was forced to sit on it for the photo shoot.

Speaking of photos, my marvellous sister Hannah took all of the above. She is super talented and very generous to make time to take shots of my work. I'm going to invite her back once it is all done and dusted for a final capture of TWO YEARS of procrastination and a bit of stitching results in.

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