Thursday 8 November 2012

Hello Singapore!

Well, it's actually 'so-long Singapore' as I write this post. Battling against bleary jet-lag may mean a bit of rambling today... The couch feels like it's moving underneath me, but I will persist!

Our five day trip had three purposes - having some tailor made shirts and suits stitched up for NP, to eat good food and to relax. All were accomplished, along with some sight-seeing ta'boot.

Highlights included our stay at The Fullerton Bay Hotel (the breakfast was a-mazing), The Little Drom Store, Supermamma, the Perikanan Museum and The Gardens by the Bay.

Some photos to illustrate:




Forestwoodfolkart said...

I see in the photos you posted here, that you saw the Marina Sands building. Impressive isn't it? Did you get a chance to go to the top?

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Hi Amanda!

We could see the Marina Sands building from our hotel window... it looked like a huge spaceship was floating past. We had intentions of going to the top, but never did... next time! What about you?

Warmest, Emma.