Wednesday 1 April 2009


I read milk and I love milk!
Emma once lent me a copy of her french Milk magazine. It has been my love since(!)...a beautiful magazine, filled with pictures and fashion and art...all things I love in life!!!
Milk's philosophy is..."Milk, because we feel something in common: nostalgic for our childhood...This transient moment, we want to live it together, like a hedonistic transition where each moment is an occasion to be an aesthete."
Now I have discovered Milk Japon...oh boy,..choo kawaii!


Hello Sandwich said...

so cute Yumi-chan!
Hey did you have any luck on your PC with Toriciya pics lovely?

Yumi said...

hola ebo-chan!
I searched and searched and then checked my dad's pasokon...he had a few pics but all blurry??!!! damedata...gomen!

Hello Sandwich said...

thats okay! i will do with no pics then! thank you so much for checking for me though!

Yumi said...
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Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Yum - can't wait to borrow your new milk copies! Where do you get them from? xEmma