Sunday 19 April 2009

The Store that Souzou Built!

Some very exciting news... Souzou now has it's own little store over at Etsy. I'm sure all of you know Etsy very well... if you don't we suggest you get over there immediately! 

For our Opening Week we have a 

All you have to do is pop over to The Souzou Shop, post a comment below telling us which of Yumi's beautiful prints you like the best and why it is your favourite choice and we'll be sending the winner their own very special copy in the  mail! We will announce the winner next week on the blog.

Please let your friends and family know all about our little shop - your support makes us feel very special.

x Emma & Yumi


Hello Sandwich said...

YAY!!!!! how exciting! I hope it goes super well lovely ladies! xxx

Kate said...

How exciting! This is such wonderful news - congratulations.

I think my favourite might be 'Rose 1' but they're all so delicious.

Best of luck with your new little shop - I'll be sure to spread the word.

ii-ne-kore said...

that is so great, i hope your shop does wonders!!! beautiful, beautiful watercolours. i will also be spreading the word:)

Melissa G said...

My favourite print is the "Water Colour Print - Rose 2".
The shape and colour reminds me of strawberries and cake - a winning combination if you ask me. There is something very tender and peaceful about this print... like a lightly warm spring afternoon in a shady park.

Academic, Hopeful said...

Really pretty stuff. I can't decide between 'Watercolour Print - Rose 1' and'Watercolour Print - Apples'. For the sake of choosing, I will go with 'Apples' because they are full and sensual and great.

Chocolat said...

This is great - very exciting. Well done!
My favouirite is 'Apples'.
I love the colours and it has real character.

Yumi said...

an email entry from Blair Joscelyne!
"My favorite is all of them. If I win one of them, I'd like it to choose me. Then I'll hang it above my piano and serenade it, and while it sleeps it can sing in its dreams telepathically to all of Yumi's other prints and they too will then sing with colour and goodness. And soon there will be a choir of singing Yumi colours across the globe and then we will eat them (because they're yummy) and then we will sing."