Sunday 12 July 2009

some things to see!

A much screened lade- Gloria Swanson, Edward Stelchen 1924

Bette Davis, Maurice Goldberg 1934

Anna May Wong, Edward Stelchen 1930

Hello emma!
I'm sad you missed the Vanity Fair Portraits... the photographs were's a little taste of my favourites from the exhibition!

Albertina Rasch Dancers, Florence Vandamm 1927

and these were my favourites from the Soft Sculpture exhibition!

Sugar the pill, Christopher Langton 1995

Soft alphabet, Claes Oldenberg 1978

Penetration, Annette Messager 1993-94

All souls of the revolution, Luke Roberts 1976-94

p.s. thanks for letting me know about Knitta Please!

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Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Oh I love the Anna May Wong portrait... beautiful... it looks like you had fun in Canberra Yumi!

x Emma