Thursday 2 July 2009


This weekend while talking to my grandma on the phone, I learnt we both are definitely positively NOT camping-types. I like that we have so much in common!

Meet some other elderlies... how I love wrinkles!! (I secretly can't wait to have some of my own... wrinkles that is... I'm sure I'll curse the day when they arrive, but they do add lots of character!). I think my favourite is #21 - Messy but Cute (see the image below)... I have a soft spot not just for dinasours, but for grubs too!

x Emma


Hello Sandwich said...

You can have some of my wrinkles lovely Emma-chan!
Also I wanted to send a HUGE thank you for thr gorgeous sweet bag that Yumi gave me at the Sydney Film Festival! That was so so gorgeous of you!
Thank you petal cheeks!
I hope you are well!
Love from Ebony

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Oh I am glad you liked your sweet bag Ebony! And I don't believe you have any wrinkles to give away!!

Thank you for your lovely message...

Unknown said...

glad you like our wrinkles - thanks for this :)