Saturday 21 November 2009

Thank You Whip Up!

Wow! The flowers were mentioned on Whip Up this week and I didn't even relaise it! I'm usually checking out their crafty tips every second day, but somehow missed our little blooms.

I have to re-mention that these flowers came out of a book that Yumi borrowed from the Mosman Library. I'm not entirely sure which book but if anyone knows I'd love for them to contact me so I can give the author proper credit.


Yumi said...
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Yumi said...

YaY for emma!
as for credit of the "paper flowers"...I think it was one of those Usborne kids craft books?!
But they do teach them in primary schools in Japan. I remember making them at the Sydney Japanese School as part of the school decorations for sports day!(and that was at least 20yrs back??!)
Taka also remembers making these at his school in Japan...I think true credit for the paper flowers must go years and years back into history?!!!

so I think,... just enjoy your brilliant-ness?!!!

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Oh thanks Yumi and Taka! As a creative person I think it's very important to give the original makers/authors credit, but I think in this case it might just be something that has been passed down through the generations!