Saturday 9 August 2008

I Heart Stationery

Last week I received a big box at work. I knew what was in it, and waited till lunch to see what was inside. I always think the anticipation of opening a parcel in those moments just before tearing it open is the greatestl!
I had made an order at Russel + Hazel, an American stationery store. The kind of stuff that you just can't find in Sydney. Lovely bright linen covered binders, complementary post-it-notes, and organisational systems galore! Kikki-K gets pretty close, but since it introduced it's crocodile/elephant/animal line I've been disappointed. 
So I bought a mini-binder in mandarin (looks so sparky next a fresh jar of blood-orange tea), paper to fill it and some olive green post-its.  So super is this stationery that I have to make up things to write on it just for the sake of it.  I'm getting a lot ticked off my lists at work!

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