Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Lovin' 'Paris is Burning', LadyHawke.

LadyHawke was on Triple J this morning and I must say I quite like this song... not many words so I can sing-a-long in the car - the perfect theme song for me! She's from NZ,which is where one sis lives at the 'mo... it makes me feel a little closer to her!

In other music news, tonight I was playing a copy of a Valentine's Mix Tape I made the boy who I had a big crush on for about 3 years while at COFA... very unrequited, very fraught! And no wonder I never ever got a response, not even while watching the Valentine's Day OC Episode at his house... the music is all mopey and boo-hoo... I was obviously pine-ing in a big way! Makes me chuckle!

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