Saturday 23 August 2008

Wish List

I've been collecting all the things I would like to buy in a bookmarks folder called "Wishlist" in attempt to stop the spontaneous spending. The idea is, if I still want these things in a month, perhaps they are actually worth buying. However, having them in the wishlist seems to heighten their desire-ity to greater levels. Oh well.

1. A Chloe Pleat Panel Dress inspired by sails in the wind... half price on Net-A-Porter, but still about 3 times the amount I'd like it to be!

2. The Martin Sitbon Pebbled Bucket Tote, which as far as I can see is not available anywhere. A relief as I would have to have it otherwise! It turns out that Sitbon designed for Chole, which really makes perfect sense.

3. Savannah DK at the Loop Shop, UK... a yummy hand dyed .organic blended yarn of cotton, merino, linen and silky soy fibre. Favourite colours are as follows: Bluegrass, Bleu Marine, Seafoam, Crimson, Moss and Pink Grapefruit.

4. The Whistler Knit boots by Ugg.... the grey ones are my favourite... so cosy and warm! P.S. My shoe size is 9 if you would like to bless me with these snugglers!

5+6.  I am desperate for some good SPF Moisturiser and have heard that Kiehl's deliver the goods... Not sure which one would be better though. Being a sucker for packaging the Abyssine is looking good.

7. Some more lovely wool, this time Australian Made by Pear Tree Yarn. 
The Oishi Merino is inspired by Japanese vintage Kimono's in colours such as Acacia, Eucalyptus, Jacaranda, Pilbara and Rosella. Ooooo!

8. These lovely prints are by Hanna Konola of Helsinki. Recycled paper too! They would look quite nice next to my Fifi print!

I thought it would be fun for everyone to vote for what I should buy next month! Please let me know and your reason.

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