Sunday 24 August 2008

A new knitting project!

A new knitting project began after perusing the lovely Wool Shack website... they have such a divine range of yarns and could not resist bundling up some of the Sublime Cotton Organic. And I thought a nice new set of needles wouldn't go astray either (I chose the very sensible Baah Harrah Painted Floral ones). The girl's promised it would be a treat to open the parcel and they were right. And so great to knit with. I have taught myself a new daisy stitch with a few trial and errors, though I kinda like those random mistakes and wobbly edges. A salute to the hand-made!


Alice said...

ooh emma I love your blog!! So many beautiful objects to drool over! PS I too have a bed linen gene! It's a blessing and a curse. Wherever do you get those beautiful Metic sheets from?

xx Alice.

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Thanks Alice! You are too nice! Those Metis Sheets are Flemish I think... though my Mum gets them from ebay. She treats it like buying shares... she foresees a huge increase in their price over the next month... not sure why she thinks this, but she's often right!